About Us

 Our staff consists of Dr. Marc Mishan and Dr. Susan Mishan, Optometrists, with 43 years experience between them.
 Mr. Greg Petrozelli
is a full time licensed dispensing Optician with over 20 years experience.

 What is an Optometrist?
 An Optometrist is a professional dedicated to the health of one’s eyes and its vision. Their education consists of four years of  undergraduate school, usually in the sciences, and four years of professional school primarily dedicated to vision and eye health.  Optionally, the doctor can choose to continue their education in specialization of eye disease or eye care.

 In the state of New York, most Optometrists are licensed for full scope vision examinations. This include the examination of eyes  for eye glass prescriptions, contact lens prescriptions, as well as the evaluation of eye health and disease.

 The Eye Examination
 After discussing with the patient their concerns visually and medically, our  examination consists of entrance tests which evaluate the way the eyes work  together, eye muscle balance, neurological health, and other tests if needed.  We perform a thorough examination for the prescription which will best fit  your visual needs.We evaluate the external health of the patient's eyes and  check the pressure of the eye for glaucoma. We evaluate the health of the  retina, which may require drops to dilate the pupils. In this way we can  evaluate the eyes for diabetic changes, changes related to high blood  pressure, macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, and other diseases of  the eye. Drs. Marc and Susan Mishan are licensed to prescribe  prescriptions for eye infections and inflammations, as well as for glaucoma.