Contact Lenses

 Our goal in fitting contact lenses is to provide the best vision and comfort as well as the best fit to   provide the optimal health of your eyes. We offer the most advanced products available including   the newest silicone based soft contact lenses. Our many years of experience allows us to fit   difficultto fit cases including bifocal contact lenses, high astigmatic contacts, and gas permeable   contact lenses.

Fashion Frames

Our office offers a full service dispensary with the newest styles for the whole family. We pride outselves in having the most up-to-date fashion eyeglasses, giving our patients a huge selection from which to choose from. We are consistently seeking to provide our patients with the newest lens products available. We educate our patients as to what products might optimally benefit them visually as well as cosmetically. Most importantly, we offer the expertise of our full time optician to provide the services to fit and measure, as well as cut your lenses to provide the best product. We also offer in-house lens tinting as well as same day service in many cases.